Bangkok Airways
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Bangkok Airways officially began its operations in 1986 as the country’s first privately-owned domestic airline. Presently, Bangkok Airways has obtained permits to operate scheduled flights over 20 different major routes—covering nearly all major resort destinations in Thailand. Additionally, the airline has also obtained permits to fly internationally to Myanmar, Laos, Cambodia, Vietnam, Malaysia, Singapore, China, and Japan. Bangkok Airways has also invested in building and maintaining its own privately-operated airports at Samui, Sukhothai, and Trat. These developments provide Thailand with more air transportation hubs to in order to facilitate increasing air traffic volume.

Events No. of participants Year Country of Origin
Samui Airport Bangkok Airways built its first airport at Koh Samui, a major resort island in the Gulf of Thailand. Samui Airport, located at the nor
Sukhothai Airport Bangkok Airways’ second airport at Sukhothai, located in the Sawankhalok district, began construction in 1992 and was officially op
Trat Airport The third and latest airport built by Bangkok Airways, Trat Airport, puts the eastern-most coastal province of Thailand on the aviation